Island Hopping (4 Night)

Surtrek’s “Island Hopping Tours” allow travelers to visit various Galapagos Islands without having to be on board a ship for the entire trip. Instead, travelers spend their nights in modern hotels on the islands, while heading out each morning on speedboats to explore the wildlife and natural wonders of a different island each day. This allows non-seagoing […]

Island Hopping (3 Night)

Surtrek “Island-Hopping Tours” allow travelers to visit various Galapagos Islands without having to stay on board a ship for the entire trip. Instead, travelers spend their nights in modern hotels on the islands, while heading out each morning on speedboats that take them to a different island each day. In this way, boat trips are […]

Royal Palm

For those looking to discovery exotic natural creatures while enjoying all the creature comforts, the Royal Palm Hotel has it all. One of the most exclusive, spacious, and tastefully designed boutique hotels in the Galapagos Islands, the Royal Palm was built to the exacting standards of its English owner. In fact, Great Britain’s Prince Charles […]

Safari Camp

The Galapagos Safari Camp has been designed in the style of an exclusive African safari lodge. With luxurious tented cabanas, panoramic views of the archipelago from the decked sun terrace, and an abundance of expert guides ready to lead the way on any number of wildlife excursions, the camp expertly combines the authentic Galapagos adventure […]

Scalesia Lodge

A unique resort in a unique setting, sixteen (16) luxury safari-style tents make up this special place where there’s camping – but not as we know it! The elegant gazebos all contain incredibly comfortable beds, hardwood floors, en suite bathrooms and an unbeatable location on the island. The lodge itself is contemporary and minimalist, allowing […]

Pikaia Lodge

Designed for the physically active eco-adventure traveler seeking close contact with the unique natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands – while enjoying the highest level of comfort and services in a remote, eco-sensitive location – the Pikaia Lodge promises an ideal stay in the enchanting Galapagos Islands. Located near the center of Santa Cruz Island, […]

Galapagos Multisport

Just like with our iguanas, one may have a rather slow-paced idea of this destination. In fact, Galapagos multisport tours aren’t something you hear so often. One may think of Galapagos diving safaris, perhaps some kayaking and trekking… but really, Galapagos can be as thrilling with adrenaline as with any other active tours. Let’s review […]

Odyssey Yacht

If we had to describe the Galapagos Odyssey, we’d call it “calming comfort on the water.” Firstly, this is because its cabins are properly placed the farthest away possible from the engines. While these powerful motors allow you to reach the farthest corners of the archipelago, it would be a real pain to have them right next to your room. […]

Galapagos Nortada

The M/V Nortada is one of the latest additions to the liveaboard fleet in the Galapagos archipelago, and it’s quickly raking up positive reviews. Built in France by naval builder Guy Couach, Nortada was completely rebuilt and refitted as a private liveaboard charter boat for small groups of up to eight (8) divers.   The ship offers an 8-day/7-night […]

Humboldt Explorer

While it’s true that the Humboldt Explorer is among the oldest Galapagos diving cruises, it was recently refurbished and continually updates its safety features. Despite its “age,” by just going through its reviews, you can clearly see that it remains one of the most popular choices for Galapagos liveaboard diving. This is because the Humboldt Explorer possesses all the […]